So long & thanks for all the squid

As the attentive reader of this blog might have noticed, I don’t post much any more. We now live in a world where NeuroSkeptic of all people has also stopped blogging. As he rightly says, the internet isn’t really the same as it was, and this isn’t really the best medium for communicating anymore. I also simply neither have the time, energy, or – frankly – the desire to write here either.

Therefore, I can no longer justify maintaining this site and I’m closing the final page on this blog. The domain is set to expire within days (probably takes a while to effect). After this, the posts should remain visible for posterity. Thanks to everyone who read my posts and interesting discussions here and elsewhere.

You know where to find me… (i.e. not on Twitter – I hardly go there anymore even when we’re not Level 4 lockdown 😉

Ever the neurotic,