Drinks Sam owes Richard Morey

I really shouldn’t be discussing on Twitter. It may be a great platform for finding new science publications and learning stuff. It is great to be in touch with people from all over the world and receiving regular photos from Mars, Pluto, or the International Space Station. But it’s a terrible platform for debates and yet I continue to let myself be drawn into them. Twitter all too readily forms entrenched camps that don’t listen to one another. Or, if you try to argue an unpopular view, it is like running a gauntlet. It is also very fatiguing when you discuss with people like Micah Allen, who I suspect has a neural implant that directly translates his thoughts into tweets and thus enables him to write ten tweets in the time it takes me to compose one….

These issues are not unique to Twitter of course – but I think debating there is worse than on any other medium. I am happy to discuss with people but please do so by leaving a comment on my blog, sending an email, or preferably by talking to me in person.

Anyway, to stop myself from getting into Twitter discussions I have agreed to buy Richard Morey a drink every time I am caught doing it. Since it turns out that Richard doesn’t drink, I may buy him a coffee or orange juice instead. Or he may choose to donate individual drinks to other people. Below I list the drinks I owe him. Once they are paid, I will delete them:

24th September 2016: I made the mistake of debating with a friend and colleague who is the unchallenged master of rapid fire tweeting…

(Earlier in 2016 I got into a fight that’s technically worth a whole vineyard but that’s outside my budget…)