Drinks Sam owes Richard Morey

I really shouldn’t be discussing on Twitter. It may be a great platform for finding new science publications and learning stuff. It is great to be in touch with people from all over the world and receiving regular photos from Mars, Pluto, or the International Space Station. But it’s a terrible platform for debates and yet I continue to let myself be drawn into them. Twitter all too readily forms entrenched camps that don’t listen to one another. Or, if you try to argue an unpopular view, it is like running a gauntlet. I am always happy to discuss with people but please do so by sending an email or preferably by talking to me in person over a pint.

Anyway, to stop myself from getting into Twitter discussions I had made this pact where I would buy Richard Morey a drink every time I am caught doing it. Unfortunately, this didn’t really work. Fortunately for me, Richard doesn’t drink alcohol! Still, I need to find better ways to keep myself out of those tweetfests. I’ll leave this page here for posterity though.