My name is Sam Schwarzkopf and I am a cognitive and systems neuroscientist. My main research interest is how our subjective perceptual experience arises within the brain. As such I am also interested in the variability between individuals both with regard to their brain structure and function on the one hand, and their unique perceptual experience, their behaviour, and their personality on the other. A lot of these questions are of course still very far-fetched. My background is in neuroscience and biological sciences and I try to approach questions in cognitive neuroscience from that perspective. Please visit my lab website for more information.

On this blog I will discuss some particular results in neuroscience and psychology research but also write in more general terms about how the way we do science could be improved. You may also follow my random thoughts on Twitter. Recently, I have also begun a page to collect particularly fine examples of Academia Spam.

Why neuroneurotic? Well, if you knew me you wouldn’t ask that question… It has also come to my attention that there are some other neuroneurotics on the internet. Hardly surprising but that can’t be helped. They are other people.




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